After Endodontic Surgery

Post-Operative Instructions

Care of the mouth after surgery has an important effect on healing. Swelling, discomfort, bleeding, and restricted opening may occur, depending on the extent and location of the surgery. These problems need not cause alarm and may be minimized if the following post-operative instructions are followed carefully.

Care of the mouth:

Do not brush your teeth in the area that has the sutures of dressing. Rinse the surgery area gently with warm salt water, 2-3 times a day after the first 24 hours. (DO NOT use mouth wash, Listerine, etc.). Do all normal cleaning procedures to the rest of the teeth, which did not have surgery. Do not touch or pull your lip to look at the surgery site.


There will be a small amount of bleeding in your mouth following surgery. The cold food or drink after surgery will minimize bleeding. Avoid spitting or sucking actions such as drinking from a straw, since this will disturb the surgical site. If bleeding persists, dip a gauze or tea bag in cold water and press firmly on the area for at least 10 minutes. If bleeding continues, please contact our office.


If it has been suggested, apply an ice pack to your face in the area of surgery as soon as possible. Immediately after surgery keep cold water with ice chips in your mouth or other cold foods for 6 hours. Allow these cold foods to defrost in your mouth thereby cooling the surgical site. Use the ice on and off the surgery site for the next 24 hours. Facial swelling normally reaches its peak on the 2nd day after surgery and it gradually disappears over a period of a few days. If the swelling increases or persists, or if either is accompanied by a fever, please contact our office.


Eat only cold, soft foods on the day of surgery. After the first day, stay on a soft but balanced diet. Do not eat hard, chewy, crunchy or spicy foods.


Please do not smoke following surgery. Tobacco smoke is an irritant and delays healing of the tissue. Refrain from smoking as long as possible.


Reduce your activities following surgery. No running, weight lifting or any strenuous aerobic activities for 48 hours.


If antibiotics are prescribed, take them as directed until they are all gone. If an allergic reaction and/or nausea develop, please contact our office.

Possible Complications:

If antibiotics are prescribed, take them as directed until they are all gone. If an allergic reaction and/or nausea develop, please contact our office.

  1. A yellowish or black & blue discoloration may appear on your face after surgery. It may take a week or so to fade away.
  2. Your lip or the corner of your mouth may become cracked or sore. It is important to keep them lubricated with something like Vaseline.
  3. Other teeth on the same side may ache temporarily.
  4. Numbness of the lower lip may occur on the same side as surgery. This should gradually disappear with time. Please mention this to the doctor at your post-operative visit.

Post-Operative Visits:

You should return to the office for your post-operative visits at the suggested time. However, feel free to call if you are having any problems.

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