Newsletter Notes from our Doctors to Yours

Dear Fellow Colleague,

In this issue of Update on Endodontics, we’ve found several sections very interesting.

Management of a Maxillary First Premolar:

With the advent of the CBCT, we can discern different anatomical anomalies very quickly. As the article mentions, it is always a good idea to take x-rays from different angles to see anatomical variations. We routinely take 2 PA’s and a vertical bitewing to aid in our diagnosis.

Management of Horizontal Root Fractures:

Horizontal root fractures due to trauma are challenging to treat. As this article indicates, depending on the vitality tests, one can treat the coronal half or just splint the tooth to stabilize the segments. Most cases heal nicely, if the treatment is initiated in a timely manner.

Middle Mesial Canals in Mandibular First Molars:

The issue of a third mesial canal in lower molars is commonly overlooked. It is amazing how often we come across these canals, when working under an operating microscope. Failure to address these canals can lead to early loss of these teeth. We are always on the lookout for unusual anatomical variations.

Retention of Endodontically Treated Posterior Teeth:

A subject near and dear to our hearts!!! We see these types of cases on a daily basis. It is always a judgement call but most patients, given the option, would like to save their tooth. Based on this article, the survival rate for these types of teeth of 82%, validates our decision to treat and save these teeth.

Warm Regards,

Drs. Ramin and Nooshin Noghreian

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