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The Latest and Greatest from the AAE Convention in San Francisco

This past week, I attended the annual session for the American Association of Endodontics held in beautiful San Francisco. It was four days packed with lectures, demonstrations, exhibits, as well as celebrations of achievements. As usual, fellow endodontists from all over the world scurried from one lecture hall to another to try and learn new gems to use in the office for our patients.

I felt a rush of excitement upon entering the famous Mascone Center to attend the AAE meeting with my friends from all over the world. It is the same every time I attend one of these large meetings for our specialty. I get a tingle and can’t wait to learn the latest and greatest our field has to offer. This year in particular proved to be quite exhilarating and fun. I was able to ask certain questions from mentors and lecturers that had been bubbling up for the past few months. I was also able to discuss complex cases with the experts who did the research and have some new answers. New materials have emerged in our field that are sure to change the way we treat teeth that have been compromised due to decay, trauma, or defects caused by other reasons. New ways to manage complex trauma also was a prevalent theme for this conference.

The continued excitement over the use of Cone Beam CT scans showed when almost every hour had a different course in this must have technology. With the advent of the CBCT, we are able to diagnose cases which remained a mystery in the past. It is shown that the use of CBCT enables us to improve our diagnostic skills by 34% in complex cases where the diagnosis is unclear.

All in all, Dr. Ramin and I are always re-energized and excited each and every time we attend one of these conferences, and look forward to utilizing our new knowledge to always improve on our treatment of our patients!


Dr. Nooshin Noghreian

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