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This information is provided to inform you about measures we have taken in our office to reduce the chance of cross-contamination of disease from patient to patient. These include, but are not limited to the following:

Face Masks: All of our clinical personnel wear face masks during active patient care. These physical barriers assist in reducing the spread of organisms from person to person.

Gloves: New rubber gloves are worn for every patient, and are changed each time the assistant or Dr. leaves the room. This assures you that the chance of contamination from others is minimal.

Disinfection of counters and other surfaces: You will note that there is an occasional chemical odor associated with disinfected surfaces. These chemicals are necessary to clean any surfaces that are touched during patient treatment. Also, plastic barriers are used whenever necessary to avoid cross-contamination.

Items attached to dental operating units: Hand pieces, along with air and water syringes, are autoclaved. High and low volume aspirators are disposable. You will notice that some of these items are wrapped with gauze soaked in disinfectant. A slight chemical odor may be noticed.

Instruments: All metal instruments that are placed in your mouth have been sterilized in an autoclave. Plastic or other items, unless disposable, have been chemically sterilized.